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Laravel – Overview

Laravel is a comprehensive framework designed for rapidly building applications using the MVC architecture. Laravel is currently the most popular PHP framework, with a huge community of developers.

Queue management is also a feature that handles tasks in the background and then logs the activity for you all while tasks are normally run in the frontend. Packages can be easily added with the robust Composer built in to Laravel. It integrates with Gulp and Elixir so any npm packages and bower packages can be called directly via ssh.

One of the best things Laravel handles well are noSQL structures like MongoDB or Redis. It’s easy to get started with Laravel thanks to its extensive documentation, popularity.

Why we use laravel?

  • It features tons of specific packages
  • The lightweight Blade templating engine
  • Unit testing
  • ORM
  • A packaging system
  • RESTful controllers
  • Routing in an abstract way.
  • Scheduling

MongoDB – An Overview

MongoDB being an open source database that uses a document-oriented data model and a non-structured query language is one of the most powerful NoSQL systems and databases around today. Since it is a NoSQL database it does not use the usual rows and columns that we so much associated with the relational database management. It is an architecture that is built on collections and documents. The basic unit of data in this database consists of a set of key-value pairs.

Why we use MongoDB?

  • MongoDB provides the right mix of technology and data for competitive advantage
  • It is the most suited for mission-critical applications since it considerably reduces risks
  • It builds applications that is just not possible with traditional relational databases
  • It is scalable from single server deployments to large, complex multi-site architectures.
  • Being an in-memory storage engine, it gives very high throughput and considerable latency which is required by heavy performance oriented applications like Big Data Systems, AdTech, finance, IoT, eCommerce and also to eliminate the need for different caching layers.

MongoDB in Financial Service Applications

MongoDB is the alternative that allows you to efficiently create and consume data, rapidly and securely, no matter how it is structured across channels and products and make it easy to aggregate data from multiple systems, while lowering TCO and delivering applications faster.

We are using MongoDB in one of our upcoming platform which allows Businesses and individuals to collect regular Bitcoin payments from the customers using lightning network. The service will modernise the implication of Standing orders, Direct debits and reoccurring payments. With MongoDB, the organisation can innovate at scale, and adapt to the rapid demands of the market.

MongoDB in Healthcare Applications

Healthcare information is not just about number of records or entities. It deals with hugely diversified data from different specialties (like cardiology, neurology, etc.), and need to deal with data of Clinical Care, Medication, Labs, History, Demographics, Reports and more. And each and every data will have changes every now and then. For example, healthcare standards organization may ask any healthcare providers to introduce / modify / remove a procedure in any given specialty any time. Hence the platform design should incorporate all these demands without any compromise.To do this we take advantage of MongoDB’s document model to pre-compute and aggregate related data into rich, embedded structures that can be accessed in a single call to the database. Doing this enables us to eliminate the performance overhead of costly relational database JOIN operations.

We then use MongoDB’s multi-data centre replication to push country-specific data physically closer to users so that we reduce the effects of geographic latency.

MongoDB in Big data applications

Enormous Data implies new open doors for associations to make business esteem — and extricate it. The MongoDB NoSQL database can support numerous Big Data frameworks, not just as a constant, operational information store however in disconnected limits also. With MongoDB, associations are serving more information, more clients, more understanding without hardly lifting a finger — and making more esteem around the world. MongoDB, Inc. offers items and administrations that get you to creation speedier with less hazard and exertion.